Why Kiengmool

If you want home care products and products for your pets that are safer for you, your family and the world - you’ve come to the right place.

We make it easy to choose safer products to put on your home environment or use around your pet. The healthy environment should start at home. You might be expecting your first baby and need your home to be a real haven - safe, clean and genuinely nurturing. Perhaps caring for the environment is close to your heart, and you’re looking for products that make a real difference by guarding the world for the next generation. Or your priority might be keeping well each day and making our products part of a healthful life.

When Mr. Somchai and Miss Napatchaya Sukkrasanti  founded Kiengmool in 1996, they were true eco-pioneers. Now the company continually changes the game to keep its products at the leading edge. If you want to put your health - and your family’s - first, as well as the health of the environment, why not discover the Kiengmool difference in Home care, Home cleaning, Pet care and personal care? How we can be a part of your everyday wellness. Prove to yourselves the healthy environment should start at home.

If you already know about us and our products, we hope you’ll find our shopping experience really easy and pleasurable. And to give you extra confidence in choosing Kiengmool, we have a Love me or your money back guarantee.

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