Good Governance

1. Rule of Law and Morals

At Kiengmool, we encourage all employees to be ready to develop themselves together with
believing in doing/acting the right things, honesty, diligence, hard-working, well-mannered,
and obey the company's rules and regulations strictly.

2. Transparency

We are a transparent company. As necessary and benefits to our consumers and employees,
as obey by law, we can disclose information with the verification by our management.
The information, if, is shared publicly will be honest, accurate, transparent, consistent with
time and situation.

3. Principles of participation

We recognize the importance of employees as the key to driving sustainable business growth.
The opportunity for employees in all sectors. Our employees participate in planning,
co-operating, problem solving, perceiving and proposing opinions and making decisions on
specific matters based on their roles and responsibilities.

4. Accountability

There are clearly defined roles and responsibilities of each employee. We encourage our
employees to grow the sense of ownership, accountability, and using resources wisely &
economically. Management together with our employees relentlessly seek out the opportunity
to learn to effectively use resources, cost saving, and working procedure in order to improve
our company, consumers, employees and our community.

5. Principles of Value

We emphasize the value of using the resources in the organization. We believe this drives
organization and social benefits. The employees are encouraged to use all materials in a
cost-effective manner. We welcome local knowledge and wisdom to economically use all
materials and enhance product quality and smooth production flows.


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